Remote leaf saved me hours each week from looking for the right remote jobs to apply for. I couldn't recommend it more!

Software Engineer, US

Today, there are so many job boards out there, so curation and quality really matter. Remote Leaf does an amazing job of pulling in the best remote jobs that help you gain flexibility, while also advancing your career. Even though I'm not currently job searching, I love seeing Remote Leaf in my inbox!

If you’re looking for a remote developer job, try Remote Leaf. I just signed my offer from a company that connected with me directly from there!.

Thanks for building this! Remote leaf did not fail me at all. I applied to most of the listings I was emailed and ended up landing a new job at a startup!

I found this role through Remote Leaf. Excellent little tool that I just checked over each week

Phillip Smith
Software Engineer, Australia

..looking for remote jobs is a pain. Remote Leaf can make this easier by giving me a single email every day to look through. Looks awesome

Remote Leaf helps me avoid wasting energy and time scouring for jobs. Instead, I can focus on updating my resume and writing cover letters specific to roles I actually care about

‍Software Engineer, Europe

Finding a new job can be difficult when you have to search multiple job boards, have a current full time job. Having a curated list delivered to me everyday sounds great!

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