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We go through 40+ job boards & 600+ company job listing pages to hand pick the remote job openings.
We monitor twitter feeds about remote job openings from HRs, company employees, & CEOs. Also go through the google, linkedin, HN hiring pages to source the remote jobs
You will receive the remote jobs which is applicable for your country or timezone where you are living
So you don't have to waste all your time on searching various job boards & bunch of irrelevent job postings

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How it works?

Job boards

You don't have to scan remote job board websites everyday. We go through 40+ job boards and 600+ companies careers page daily to find suitable remote jobs for you. Also we go through Twitter, LinkedIn feeds & HN hiring pages to source the jobs

Everything Hand Curated

100% remote jobs, curated by a human every day. Many times you find that the remote job which you applied is not applicable for the country where you are living. We carefully curate the jobs and communicate with the companies.

Time saver

Think about how much time you are spending everyday/week to find a remote job that matches your profile. Stop wasting hours to go through the job boards. Instead, spend your valuable time on something better, like with your family or with your side project :)

Plant a Tree, yes we are going to plant trees

We are going to plant a tree for every 10th user signs up and it will be maintained for next 2 years. Go Green, Save the World...!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? or You want to Unsubscribe

Just send an email to team@remoteleaf.com, we will work with you to resolve it ASAP.

How are we accepting payments?

We are using stripe to accent payments. We accept all major credit cards.

Is there a referal discount?

We have plans to introduce a referal discount very soon.

Who are we?

We are two member team. We are very thankful to our users, and especially the paying users who make building this product possible. Thank you!

Do you have a list of remote companies that you look out jobs for?

Here is the list of companies that we actively go through to curate the new jobs. https://t.co/iigJKSqdil