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    Saving you few hours of job search every week, so you focus on improving your skills or networking.

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Before Remote Leaf

Searching for remote jobs is a painful process. You're trawling through job boards, forums, social media feeds, and more hoping to find your next remote job.

After Remote Leaf

Applying for remote jobs is an exciting process. You have your own digest of remote job openings. Now you can extra time crafting cover letters, improving your skills and preparing for your interview.

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Full stack developer, US

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Kalina Zografska
Product Manager, Amsterdam

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Highly curated remote jobs

Remote jobs get posted everywhere. ‍There's no best place, or safe space for them. That's why every day we carefully review 60+ individual sources to find the best remote jobs for you.

That's thousands of listings.

Filter the jobs

We filter for remote jobs based on your location, skill and requirements. No irrelevant jobs. Each job is tailor-made for you.

W‍e work for you, that's why you pay us.

Receive remote jobs

Forget the painful job search, and focus your attention on winning the remote job that you care about.

Remote jobs are far more exciting when you stop searching through hundreds of wrong listings, and start applying to a few right ones.

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