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Remote Leaf is an Open Startup, which means it operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, including revenue, costs, users and traffic.

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Current monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

~$1,610 with 209 paying customers (ARR $19.4k)

What is MRR? - At any given time, you can calculate MRR by summing the monthly-normalized amounts of all active subscriptions at that time.

Monthly recurring costs (MRC)

~$95 (ARC $1140)

  • Domain name
  • Airtable
  • Sendgrid
  • Linode

Platform Metrics

Remote Leaf has been curated more than 12,000 remote jobs in 2020 and 48,000 email notifications has been sent.

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What customers say

Remote leaf saved me hours each week from looking for the right remote jobs to apply for. I couldn't recommend it more!

Software Engineer, US

Today, there are so many job boards out there, so curation and quality really matter. Remote Leaf does an amazing job of pulling in the best remote jobs that help you gain flexibility, while also advancing your career. Even though I'm not currently job searching, I love seeing Remote Leaf in my inbox!

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