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Remote Leaf is an Open Startup, which means it operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, including revenue, costs, users and traffic.

Paid Subscribers
Remote Jobs Curated
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Current monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

~$1,075 with 127 paying customers (ARR $12.3k)

What is MRR? - At any given time, you can calculate MRR by summing the monthly-normalized amounts of all active subscriptions at that time.

Monthly recurring costs (MRC)

~$75 (ARC $850)

  • Domain name
  • Airtable
  • Sendgrid
  • Linode

Platform Metrics

Remote Leaf has been curated more than 12,000 remote jobs in 2020 and 48,000 email notifications has been sent.

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“Remote leaf saved me hours each week from looking for the right remote jobs to apply for. I couldn't recommend it more!”

Full stack developer, US

“Your product is wonderful and a ton of value! Thank you so much for building it!”

Kalina Zografska
Product Manager, Amsterdam

“If you’re looking for a remote developer job, try Remote Leaf. I just signed my offer from a company that connected with me directly from there!.”

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We are very passionate about remote work and helping people who want to start a career with remote jobs. We believe remote work is the future.

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